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Sun, Jun. 11th, 2006, 09:55 pm
jive_chris: Greetings

Hello,  I'm a Lincoln High School student here in Portland.  As you may or may not know, at Lincoln we have a annual art magazine that's student run and published at the end of the year.  We call it Polyglot, and it features many different pieces of art from the students (and the occasional staff member) here at Lincoln that range from poetry to prose to pictures.

I know high school literature may be below your league, and in some instances you may want not to relive the drama that encompasses it.  But you'd be suprised at how far students can trip themselves into the boundless.  If you're interested in seeing what we published this year, I'd be delighted to send you a magazine (it's more of a booklet).  It's a bit over a hundred pages, and it has some pretty neat poetry you might enjoy reading on a rainy day.

I'm not trying to sell you this, as much as I want to get the book out in this city.  If you're interested I could mail you a copy or you could come pick one up at Lincoln.  Okay, here's the bad part, it costs ten bucks.  I don't see how I could get around that priceline without it being called stealing.  I wouldn't mind posting my poetry in this group, but I'll save that for another time.

It was so nice when I typed 'pablo neruda' in the interest search on LJ and find a group so close to home.